Delicious conception

Monday, May 11, 2009 by kate

A recent study has almost completely turned me off of ice cream – and it’s not because of the fat content. Apparently, eating a serving of whole milk or ice cream daily may help increase fertility, and eating low-fat or fat-free milk does the opposite. Since kids are not on my wish list, I’ll stick with my oreo frozen yogurt, thank-you-very much! But if you’ve got a baby-making fever, cool it off with a cup of ice cream.

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Why are they called moon pies?

Friday, May 8, 2009 by kate

I work two jobs, so sometimes the dinner bell doesn’t ring until almost 11. But can sitting down to dinner with Leno or Letterman cause me to gain weight? According to nutrition researchers, it doesn’t.

It’s not the moon, but all the moon pies you eat that adds pounds. A recent study showed night snacking isn’t linked to weight gain, except in overweight people who had eaten their daily calorie intake earlier in the day.

But don’t starve yourself all day to gorge yourself when the sun goes down.

“If you’re listening to cues, then you eat when hungry and stop when satisfied so you’re less likely to overeat regardless of the time of day,” dietitian Marsha Hudnall said.

So veg out with some veggies and salmon under the stars if you’re hungry. Just think: mood lighting.