I beat Christian WhatsHisName in third grade. Just saying.

I hate races. Hate them. They remind me of that physical fitness day in grammar school when our gym teacher made us race each other and chubby Christian made fun of me because I was chubbier than him. (I beat him in the race, though!) I get nervous, nauseous and queasy. But I sign up for these things anyway.
So last Sunday was one of those nervous, nauseous and queasy days for me. I ran my fourth half marathon. It was sunny and beautiful – definitely not what I’m used to. All the other half marathons I’ve run in have been held in February, on the coast. So I’m usually a hat and mittens kinda’ runner. Not a shorts and sun block girl.

While this was probably my slowest race ever (hello 10-minute mile), I had a great time. More than 8,000 people came out to try their hand (er … feet) at the Run to Remember in Boston. And while I felt like the slowest sucker out there, I was surrounded by other people, trudging along together. The race was out-and-back, so as I was lumbering along mile 4 or 5, the runners around me began hollering and clapping. I had no idea why – we weren’t even half way – until I saw a lone runner pass us in the opposite direction. Each time a runner passed us, a cheer would erupt from us trudgers. That’s why I run races. Because it’s not just a race, it’s a chance to run with other runners and cheer each other on.

I passed an elderly man around mile 7, only to have him pass me around mile 10. He must have run millions of these races in his lifetime – a wrinkly tortoise who just keeps plugging along. He probably beat me. But that’s ok. I beat chubby Christian in 3rd grade.

I highly recommend signing up for a race – any race. It’s a great goal to look forward to/dread. And the sense of accomplishment you feel crossing that finish line is well worth the race fee. Plus – imagine all the guilt-free eating you can do afterwards!

Find a race near you. Or! Plan a vacation around a destination race!

Have you entered a race lately? How did you feel?

Also – if you're participating in the Weigh In challenge, shoot me an email today with an update on how you're doing! We only have 3 more weeks until the end of the challenge!

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“I beat Christian WhatsHisName in third grade. Just saying.”