My running buddies

So, I’ve already mentioned that Lady Gaga and I are running buddies. I used to have to lug her around in a prehistoric iPod nano. It was big. And clunky. And devoid of any flair or charisma. But Santa* gave me a shiny new shuffle for Christmas and I’m in love.

She’s tiny and shiny, bright pinky and slinky. Not that I’m superficial, but she’s hot. (And yes, I color-coordinate my outfits to match her. There's nothing wrong with that.)

And she talks to me. She tells me what song I’m listening to, what songs I have and when my battery is getting low. She’s my buddy. Is that weird?

Her only downfall is sometimes her earphones go on the fritz and she starts repeatedly telling me what song I’m listening to. But that’s ok, I’ve got quirks too.
What do you use to stay entertained during a long workout? What’s your favorite song to sweat to? (I'm getting a bit sick of Gaga ... I need some other friends.)

*my fella

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“My running buddies”