I run with Gaga

Lady Gaga is my ra ra-ah-ah-ahning buddy.
Jealous? Yea, she’s great. She’s doesn’t look all that athletic, but she’s chatty and upbeat and challenges me to keep up the pace. And she’s usually always reliable. Well, except for last Sunday.

At mile 8 of the 13.1-mile race I was running, Lady Gaga finked out on me. She just went silent. I begged, I pleaded, I fiddled with my Shuffle, all to no avail. And I was forced to run the rest of the race alone. I don’t know about you, but running without music is really, really painful for me. It makes me focus on every ache and pain, and the miles just seem to crawl by. So, I’m blaming Gaga for my slow finish last week. Totally justified, I'd say.

But now that Lady's back, I'm afraid she and I will get sick of each other, spending all our time together. So I'm looking for suggestions. Who do you take on your runs? What music motivates you to work out a little harder?

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“I run with Gaga”