If you bite it, write it

A huge part of losing weight is what you eat. And you’ll never truly realize how much you’re putting in your mouth until you track it. I know I eat better when I’m writing everything down. I may still make some bad choices, but they’re not nearly as bad as when I don’t hold myself accountable. Let me translate this for you working folk. If you know your boss (food journal) is watching you work (eat), you’ll be less likely to surf the web (fridge) and post comments (eat) on Facebook (french fries). See?

So here are a few free sites you can use to track what you’re eating.

Spark People
I have used this site to track my food intake and workouts. It’s a great, easy way to count calories and make sure you’re eating enough protein. Oh, and it’s free!

Whether you want to know the calorie count in cake or cabernet, these sites have massive food data bases, and they’re easy to use:

Calorie Count
The Daily Plate
Peer Trainer
Calorie King

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is a great source even if you’re not a member. It’s got recipes, dining out tips, blogs and motivating success stories.

Hungry Girl
Awesome cooking tips to concoct low-calorie cocktails, healthy junk food and tasty guilt-free meals.

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“If you bite it, write it”