Tricks to Tip the Scales

Afternoon! It's weigh in day today, so I'll keep this short so you can go bond with your scale.

Attention Challengers: I will be emailing you this week if I don't hear from you! Yes. That's a threat. Are you scared?

It's Shape up for Summer today at work, so I've stolen a few screens from the network to share with you. Let me know if you have any other healthy alternatives to the usual fair weather fare.

(The nutrition information below are rough guestimations. They're just examples of how you can cut fat and calories without depriving yourself.)

What's your trick for surviving grilling season without ODing on potato salad and chips 'n dip?

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“Tricks to Tip the Scales”

  1. Blogger joshie Says:

    You have to be careful with the turkey burger vs. beef burger. It depends on the turkey they use. Many restaurants will use fattier turkey than beef because they don't want to serve a dry turkey burger (and fat makes it more moist). If you're grilling your own, you can make sure the turkey is healthier, but in a restaurant it's a toss up.

    During grilling season, I like to do chicken breasts and grilled veggies.

  2. Blogger kate Says:

    Wow. That link is scary! 50 grams of fat for a turkey burger, and people are probably thinking they're making a healthy choice!

    I think, as a rule, you never really know what you're getting when you go out to eat. Restaurants just want their food to taste good.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Blogger D Says:

    Use 1 whole egg, yolk and all, and 2 egg whites... tastes like real eggs with much fewer calories