You're not the Energizer bunny, so what keeps you going?

The Boston Marathon is today. 26.2 miles. Yea. That’s far. Sometimes I hesitate to even drive 26.2 miles without a coffee break in the middle.

So how do these elite athletes motivate themselves to keep going? Maybe the fact that they could win part of the $806,000 prize money keeps them in their kicks. Or the satisfaction of putting your body to the test and crossing the finish line after months of training. Or they’re all just plain crazy.

Either way. I’d love to run a marathon someday! The few times I’ve run a half marathon I cross the finish line and think, “There’s no way I could do all that all over again.”

So even though you may not be training for a marathon, or triathlon, or a century ride, it’s good to have goals. How do you motivate yourself to keep going when you don’t have $806,000 to spur you on?

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“You're not the Energizer bunny, so what keeps you going?”