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It’s weigh in day today. Some of you have been stellar at keeping me in the loop of your weight loss journey. Others, well … you’ve been a bit secretive. The purpose of this virtual weekly weigh in is more for you than for me. (Well, it’s for me, too. I love reading about everyone slimming down!) But I understand how hard it is to tell someone when you haven’t lost as much as you wanted to. I was in the same boat. Except I had to pay $40 a month for my boat. And I recently jumped ship.

I boarded Weight Watchers last fall to lose those last few pounds. Unfortunately, I was lost at sea for …. oh, say, 6 months. It took me 6 months to lose … 6 pounds. That’s right. One lousy pound in one lousy month. The last few months I was so ashamed of my loser losing status that I refused to go to a meeting until I had lost a decent amount of weight. I know, this doesn’t really make sense. Their meetings are for motivation and support to help you lose weight, and I was denying myself this help until I lost weight. (Sometimes I just don’t make sense.) So, I quit.

This doesn’t mean you’re allowed to quit the Weigh In challenge. I’m not charging you $40 a month, so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving this a shot. And even though I was disappointed when I only lost 1 pound in a month, I’m still down 6 pounds. And I could (probably would) be UP 6 pounds if I had never joined Weight Watchers in the first place. So even if you’ve only lost 1 pound during this Weigh In challenge, email me with an update. You still have time to lose some weight before summer’s here. You’ll feel better getting your body in tune for June.

So, go weigh yourself and send me an update at Tell me how you’re doing, what challenges you’re facing, and what’s motivating you to keep going. I may steal all your ideas and post them here. But, I’ll probably give you credit. Probably.

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“Secrets & Scales”

  1. Anonymous Lose weight Says:

    It seems so easy just talking about it, but when decision time comes, it’s so much harder! I guess what I'm saying is that because I'm out of my routine, exercise is a chore and not fun. I did at one point this of exercising as fun and I need and want to get back to that. I will get back to it!I've gotten a bought of great motivation from Skinny Me...Coming Soon. She recently got back some motivation she needed to push through her wall. The way she comes across is nothing short of encouraging! She's figured out what works for her body and how to lose weight.In one of her recent posts she said that when she ate more veggies she lost and this got me to thinking about my monthly goals. The last 2 months I've made goals to eat more veggies and while I've been pretty successful in the last few weeks; although, overall I haven't done the best. From this, I'm going to eat more veggies and overall just better.From this blog, I feel like I've helped discover the motivation that I've been lacking. I feel so much more passionate about this than I have in about a month. It's a great feeling and I'm ready to knock these pounds off my body!We went grocery shopping tonight. We knew it was going to be a high bill because we haven't really gone shopping for a while. Like, we've gotten pretty much what we need for the last month, but now it was like we were running out of everything. I've been hearing so much about Greek yogurt and finally bought some to try. I was looking for Yoplait, but the local store didn't have it. Instead I grabbed Chobani. The store had 8 different flavors and since they were on sale, we got all 8! I'm excited to give them a try!

  2. Blogger kate Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. If you're not in the right frame of mind, it's just not going to happen ... No matter how bad you want it.

    I love greek yogurt! I OD'd on regular yogurt when I was trying to diet as a kid, but I love the thick creaminess of greek yogurt! My favorite is Fage (0 or 2%) ... I love it with Kashi Golean Crunch. It's wicked tasty and sweet!

    And thanks for mentioning Skinny Me ... Coming Soon. I'm always looking for good blogs to read. And seeing other people lose weight is so motivating!

  3. Anonymous U. Hoodia Says:

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