Fighting the dark force

So you OD’d on Easter and you’re ready to drown your sorrows in a vat of chocolate. Don’t let that bunny get the best of you. One day of overeating won’t ruin the rest of your life unless you let it.

For the record, I have a problem with chocolate.
(I believe I’ve covered this topic before.) So in order for me to stay on track, I need to get that dark force out of my house. Here are some things I’ve tried.

Freeze it
Chances are you’ll forget you put it in there. Also – when you do want a piece of chocolate, the frozen piece will take longer to melt in your mouth, so you won’t be able to scarf down mounds of chocolates in minutes.

Toss it
That’s right. It’s wasteful. But would you rather store it in your hips? Sometimes you just have to throw the chocolate out. In fact, take that trash to the dumpster right now because in a fit of chocolate haze, I wouldn’t put it past myself to dig through the trash bag for a morsel of chocolate. Don’t look at me that way … you know you would, too, if no one was looking.

Donate it
To a worthy cause. Like your skinny coworkers.

Cook it
Chop up that evil chocolate bunny and make chocolate chip cookies or add them to this Banana nut muffin recipe.

What do you do with your leftover chocolate?

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“Fighting the dark force”