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I was going to wait until Monday to share this weight loss challenge with you, but then I thought that’s the trap perpetual dieters fall into. “I’ll start Monday,” is often followed by a weekend of Last Suppers. So, instead of waiting for the first of the month or a Monday, or the morning after a marathon love affair with chocolate, I’m starting this today. On a Thursday. In the middle of March. Exactly 95 days before the first day of summer.

So here’s the deal. I’ve recruited experts to share their wisdom with you here, on Weigh In. I’m also going to share success stories of people who have lost weight so we can pick their brains and find out how they battled brownies and won.

Those who want to participate can write to me at Send me a before picture with your weight and measurements. If you’re not comfortable sharing all this information, you don’t have to. You can just send in a before picture. Every Wednesday will be Weigh In Wednesdays. You’ll weigh yourself and report back to me at (If you don’t want to share your actual weight, you can just tell me how much you’ve lost/gained each week.) It’s important to be held accountable. Sure, you may still eat Oreos the night before weigh in, but you may not eat the whole sleeve. I’ll pop into your head around your fifth or sixth sinful circle of goodness and you'll put. down. the. bag. of. Oreos.

I’ll also share with you my progress – that’s right I’m doing this, too! Feel free to share your struggles and successes in your email and I’ll address them here.

95 days. 13 weeks. If you lose one pound a week, you’ll be 13 pounds lighter by the first day of summer. Why wouldn’t you want to do this?

So what now?

Calculate your BMI.

Take your measurements: (like my artwork?)

Chest: At the largest part of your chest.

Biceps: Halfway between your elbow and the top of your shoulder.

Waist: At the narrowest point, about an inch above your belly button. And don’t suck in your stomach!

Hips: At the largest part of your bum.

Thigh: At the largest part of your leg.

Read this.

And come back here tomorrow.

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“Join the Weigh In Challenge!”