Fat blocker from the sea

It’s a far cry from the cookie diet, but new research shows seaweed reduces fat intake by more than 75%. No wonder you don’t see many pudgy crabs or fat fish.

Scientists at Newcastle University have already begun mixing Alginate -- a natural fiber found in sea kelp – into bread to see if the laboratory tests can be translated into the real world. And when used in a blind taste test, the alginate bread actually favored over plain, white bread.

"Our initial findings are that alginates significantly reduce fat digestion," explains Dr Brownlee.

"This suggests that if we can add the natural fiber to products commonly eaten daily -- such as bread, biscuits and yogurts -- up to three quarters of the fat contained in that meal could simply pass through the body.”

"There are countless claims about miracle cures for weight loss but only a few cases offer any sound scientific evidence to back up these claims," explains Dr Brownlee. "Alginates not only have great potential for weight management -- adding them to food also has the added advantage of boosting overall fiber content."

Seaweed isn't foreign to our food chain. And alginates, specifically, are already used in foods as thickeners. So feel free to chow down on some green stuff from the sea!

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“Fat blocker from the sea”