Winter Workout

I don't mind running in the rain, sleet or cold.* But slap some snow slop on the road and you can count me out. Trying to run on that sidewalk slosh is an uphill battle all the way. You have no traction ... and just forget it if you hit a hidden patch of ice. The safest way to run in that stuff is to (mom, close your eyes) run in the middle of the road. Right in those car tire tracks. And since I'm not a huge fan of playing chicken with things that are way bigger than me, I've set out on a quest to find a safer winter workout.

This past weekend I tried snowboarding.

Yea ... That's not how I looked.

And while my bum isn't all that happy with me today, those few precious seconds before I surrendered to gravity were beautiful. Gliding down the mountain,** crisp air in my face, controlling the board with the slightest shift of my weight -- it was exhilarating. Not to mention a great workout.

According to, you can burn 400-500 calories snowboarding for an hour. And I can only imagine how many calories I burned getting back up every time I fell***.

So help me out. How do you stay in shape in the winter? What should I try next?

*Just call me a calorie-burning Post Man.
** Bunny hill
*** Which was a lot.

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“Winter Workout”