Top 10 reasons ‘Fat Is Good’

by guest blogger Deanna Murray

There are leftovers everywhere. Leftover Christmas cake, leftover pies, leftover cookies and then there’s all the New Year’s Party munchies … So, how is a dieter who’s really really trying to make a difference in her appearance supposed to get through it all??

Well, when enough’s enough when it comes to the fat train express, enough is enough. So, I was actually challenged by a fellow dieter to come up with the top 10 reasons ‘Fat Is Good’ … (basically because she was sick of hearing me talk about how bad I wanted a piece of cake). She said if I could actually list justifiable reasons, then I could eat all the holiday goodness I wanted …

So, here it goes.
10. At Halloween, you don’t need a costume to dress up as the Pillsbury Dough Boy – you’ve already got the rolls.
9. You’ve always got a place to set your cup when sitting down on the couch to watch TV.
8. You never have to be careful where you step, because you can’t see your feet.
7. Kids like to sit on your lap because you are ‘soft’ and ‘jiggly’
6. Don’t have to worry about keeping up with fashion trends, because the cute clothes aren’t in your size.
5. Blubber is warm … look at the polar bears.
4. You always have an excuse to wait for an empty elevator.
3. Unlike trees, you can’t tell how old a person is by how many rings (rolls) they have.
2. You’ll never get clothes you don’t like as gifts.
1. People will never wonder why you are ordering a ‘Diet Coke’

Hum … OK. So not a single one of those is a real reason fat is good – in fact, we all know fat isn’t good for us. This list was just a really, really sarcastic way for me to come to grips with all the things I don’t want to be – motivators to stay on task and do my best to not cheat on my diet or my exercise plan – to keep my eyes on the prize.

Daily, temptations are thrown at us dieters – especially those of us who actually enjoy eating – easily making us falter or waiver in what our eating plan is. This is why it is important to keep yourself accountable.

For me, my sister keeps me accountable, and I her.. Every single day, several times a day, she asks me what I am having for each meal. Also, we are writing down everything we eat – even down to a piece of gum – in order to get a real look at what’s going into our bodies.

The reward of this diligence is awesome. Feeling clothes fit a little differently, having someone actually say they notice a difference in appearance – it all makes it worthwhile. And the extra spring in my step, knowing I am doing something to stay healthy and fit is really satisfying.

So, to you smiling gingerbread men who are begging to be eaten so they don’t get thrown in the trash, or to you sweet little cupcakes with reindeers made out of fondant and to you chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels and cherries and ……

I say, I sure enjoyed our short-term friendship, but in the long run, you’ve way outstayed your welcome … and your eviction from my thighs, hips and other areas will be arriving very, very soon .... You Will. Not. Tempt. Me ….

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“Top 10 reasons ‘Fat Is Good’”