Great Winter Workout

After falling on my bum one too many times while snowboarding, I decided to look for a safer, lower-impact winter workout. So, I headed indoors.

I’m on day 3 of Jillian Michael’s “30 Day Shred.” It’s only taken me 7 days to get there.
While technically you’re supposed to workout with Jillian every day, I was a tad bit overly cocky at first. I thought, “I exercise every day … and this workout is only 20 minutes. This’ll be nothin’.” So I used heavy weights, I did super squats, I lunged my legs out, I practically double dutched when she told us to jump rope. The result? Old lady hobbling for days. I’m amazed by how many muscles Jillian can reach with only 2 dumbbells, a mat and 20 minutes.

If any of you are “Biggest Loser” fans, you know Jillian Michaels as the hard-a$$, no-frills trainer who makes 400lb men cry. And she’ll make you cry, too. If you let her.

Her 30 Day Shred is definitely a DVD worth having in your repertoire. She doesn’t dally with super-long warm-ups or many breaks. Her workout is 20 minutes and she works you hard for every single minute. But then you’re done in less than half an hour. And I guarantee you’ll feel it. Her routine isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s quite effective.

How do you stay in shape in the winter? What’s your go-to workout video?

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“Great Winter Workout”