Skinny takes on birthday cake

By Deanna M Murray
Director of Content

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," – Fashion Model, Kate Moss.

Chocolate tastes really, really good – especially Godiva or Ghiradelli. And let’s not even talk about how awesome cake tastes with sugary frosting and a little whipped cream. It’s totally insane.

I bet I am not the only one reading this who frequently eats most of the leftover birthday cake just to get it out of the house, therefore getting rid of the temptation to eat more birthday cake (that doesn’t even make sense, does it …).

But as a person who frequently looks in the mirror the next day and wishes she hadn’t eaten all that goodness, I can relate to what Kate Moss is being ridiculed for saying.

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels …"

In her quote’s purest sense, I can see why nutritionists, fitness gurus and even some people who really have no stake in the matter, are getting all riled up. Eating is good. Eating is important and we can’t live without the needed nutrients and substance it provides. But Kate’s not saying don’t eat.

Moss admits the phrase is her ‘motto’ – how she tries to remind herself to be careful of what she eats. And while the way-too-thin model probably carries this devotion to her motto to an extreme, judging by her -10 size, it’s actually a great way to look and evaluate what you put into your body. After all, ‘eat now, pay for it later’ as a motto has caused this country to have an unacceptable obesity rate among its kids, adults and elderly.

To me, a person who’s been trying to lose weight on and off after having 6 kids, Kate’s motto declaration caused me to kind of take a double take and gave me something to ponder as I try to get rid of this excess baggage.

Since the famed 35-year-old mom/model was quoted in mid November, and the accompanying tirade induced, I have thought of her words over and over again. And as I ate, considered eating and evaluated my appearance in the mirror. The result? Eleven pounds lost and feeling a little more bounce in my step.

Eating healthy is at the top of my list – learning appropriate portions (with the help of my sister, Dawn who happens to be a nurse) and figuring out what types of foods are OK to eat together.

Also, documenting each and every single thing I eat helps me get a global look at what I have devoured in a day – giving perspective to calories I have taken in and what I can still eat.

My sister, who lives a thousand miles away, keeps me accountable through texts and phone calls each day, and I do the same with her – as we are committed to feeling better about ourselves and setting healthy examples for our kids – and the fact we’ll be able to squeeze into a smaller size swimsuit in the summer? Well, that’s just bonus.

Those of you who’ve fought the battle know it’s true. The journey to getting chunky is/was full of fancy flavors, divine tidbits and savory sauces … but when all is said and done, the sweet, sweet taste of success when the scale says skinny is the sweetest sugar of them all.

So, thanks Kate Moss for the wake up call. And hey if you’re reading this, I have a few fabulous recipes for fat-free chocolate cookies and cakes … because some things are just too hard to give up.

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“Skinny takes on birthday cake”