Listen to this Loser

If you’re drowning in gravy and pecan pies, and looking for motivation, Biggest Loser’s Ali Vincent has a life jacket for you. “Believe It, Be It” is her new memoir about being 234 pounds, turning her life around and losing 112 pounds. Vincent’s voice is honest and clear, and the book is easily digestible.
“My story is about weight loss, sure, but it’s also about coming back to life, emerging from a place of darkness and isolation. And I know there are others who share the very same struggles, who want so much more for themselves, and who have so much more to give to others than they can currently offer.” And knowing Ali is a real person, who lost real weight, gives weight to her words. She’s not some teeny tiny trainer who has never eaten peanut butter straight from the jar, or polished off an entire bag of chips. She made a change, so it’s more believable when she says we can do it too.

“Big, sweeping life changes really boil down to small, everyday decisions. I know counting calories can be a chore, but if I don’t count them, how am I going to know how many I put in my body? I want to stay aware; I don’t want to put my head in the sand.”

If the holidays are a struggle for you, pick up Ali’s book. Read it in a night or two and you’ll look at your next meal a little differently.

“Today I feel beautiful, I feel strong, I feel confident. Beauty is about feeling good, and it’s about going after what you want and believing in yourself. That’s what is going to make you fall in love with your life again. I can do and be and have everything I want in life. And so can you.”

Did you survive Thanksgiving? What motivates you?

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“Listen to this Loser”