Confidence Conditioning

Body confidence is a muscle that needs to be worked out to get stronger. Even the most beautiful body can sport an insecure brain.

Jenn Walters at tackled body confidence in a recent post. Here’s a snip-it of what she had to say*:

Hit the gym
Getting those endorphins pumping can quiet the little negative body-talk devil on your shoulder.

Eat wisely
When we’re not feeling good about ourselves, we tend to skimp on the calories, which can set off an unhealthy cycle of on-again, off-again dieting that can lead to sabotaging weight-loss efforts and a lack of self control and self-esteem.

Dress for success
The right outfit can really make you feel better about yourself.

“Shrink” self-doubt
If you’re really having a hard time feeling good about yourself and what you look like, consider seeing a therapist.

Do you have issues with self-confidence? How do you build your body confidence?

*I know these suggestions sound so simple, but sometimes we forget to do the easiest things. Confidence is something that can make or break our day. And I’m convinced it burns extra calories, too.

“Confidence Conditioning”

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