Move over wheat, rye’s the new guy

I remember watching the Golden Girls while chomping on a PB and fluff Wonderbread sandwich and slurping some whole milk. Then came Oprah, the Cabbage Soup diet and the wheat wave. I don’t know the year exactly, but it was right around the time I had finally mastered spreading the fluff without ripping my wonderful Wonderbread. Anyway, there’s a point to all of this. I swear.

So for a while, wheat was the newest thing since (yes I’m going there …) sliced bread. But now the tide is turning and there’s a new toast in town: rye.

A new Swedish study published in the Nutrition Journal says rye makes you feel full and causes you to eat less later on in the day compared to wheat bread. Authors of the study believe this is because rye is chock full of dietary fiber.

Rye bread has also been found to lower cholesterol and combat type 2 diabetes by keeping blood sugar in check. And it contains only a little fat.

So reach for rye if you want to feel fuller longer.

Just curious: What do you keep in your bread box?

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“Move over wheat, rye’s the new guy”

  1. Blogger joshie Says:

    I generally have 100% whole wheat, though once in awhile I'll get some kind of multi-grain, if it has sufficient fiber. I haven't done rye bread, but I've bought rye crackers a couple times and they're not bad at all. I may have to give rye bread a look next time I'm at the store.