Weight rate weighs heavily in the US

Despite The Biggest Loser, P90 X and Jenny Craig, Americans are still gaining weight. A new study shows adult obesity has risen in 23 states. And in 30 states nearly 1 kid out of 3 is overweight. No state was able to lose any weight, either.

It makes you wonder what kind of control couches and candy have over us. We know better, yet we can’t seem to get it right.

Mississippi has, for the fifth year in a row, come in as the heaviest state in the nation – 32.5% of adults there are overweight. It also holds the top spot for overweight children, with a rate of 44.4%. A good reason for this could be the state’s lack of physical and nutritional education in most schools. Don’t get me wrong. I hated playing dodge ball and capture the flag, but there’s a certain P.E. rite of passage every child should experience.

Colorado was the lightest state in the US with only 18.9% of adults overweight. It must be all those Rocky Mountains out there – now that’s a good workout.

Even the CDC says more than 26% of Americans are now fully obese.

Obviously we need to cut the sweets and sweat. What motivates you to lose weight? Share your tips with us!

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“Weight rate weighs heavily in the US”