Slimmer summer sips!

In honor of my recent vacation in Mexico, where Mojitos were the drink of choice, here’s a recipe for a lighter Mojito – one that I should have asked Juan the bartender to make for me!This definitely is not the real thing, but for only 100 calories, it’s a suitable substitute.

6 oz. Diet lemon-lime soda
Mint leaves
¼ Lime
1.5 oz. Rum

Muddle the mint, squeeze in lime juice and toss in the rind. Add the soda and rum and stir well. Add ice and garnish with mint and a lime wedge.

You’ll save about 150 calories a drink, which adds up on a hot afternoon in Cancun (or your own backyard).
In a season known for BBQs and ice cream, it helps to cut calories anywhere you can. So what’s your low-cal cocktail of choice?

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“Slimmer summer sips!”