Pickle Power!

I’m familiar with Gatorade and PowerAde, but Pickle Juice?? Apparently it’s all the rage with athletes now-a-days. The combo of water, salt, calcium chloride and vinegar helps replace lost electrolytes after a warm weather workout. And Pickle Juice Sport claims it prevents or stops muscle cramping.

It certainly won over the hearts of football fans when the Eagles attributed it to their 41-14 win over the Cowboys during the 2000 season opener. It seems trainer Rick Burkholder recommended the juice to combat the 109-degree heat.

So if you're active and enjoying a warm June (unlike us New Englanders), go grab a jar of pickles, toss them out and drink the juice!

Other up-and-coming performance potions include chocolate milk, Ensure, sweetened condensed milk, coffee and coconut water, which some athletes use before and after workouts to help improve performance and recovery.

Who knew I was such a fitness fanatic? I drink coffee all the time!

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“Pickle Power!”